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Louise McCallion

Reflections – Founder/Owner

Louise relocated to California in 1994 from Scotland on assignment with Sun Microsystems and enjoyed the work and lifestyle culture and elected to stay. She continued her career in the Hi Tech field holding various management positions within Sun after which she left to join a start up company, Ridge Technologies as Director of Operations which was acquired soon thereafter by Adaptec.

Louise, having always had a passion for real estate development, embarked on a new career as President of her own Real Estate development company developing projects over the next 10 years in San Francisco and Hawaii and continues to be involved in the real estate world.

2008 and 2009 was a traumatic period in Louise’s personal life with much resultant stress and anxiety. Solution focused as always, Louise made the decision to seek professional help and embarked on a two year course of intensive individual therapy addressing previously unaddressed childhood and now recurring traumas. Until this point in her life, her energies had been focused on achieving success in other aspects of her life.

Inspired by her personal growth and change as a result of therapy, Louise decided to explore becoming a therapist and commenced a Master’s in Counseling Psychology program at Dominican University where she was impressed by the skill, intellect and professionalism of the faculty there particularly as it related to the field of recovery. The world of recovery was becoming prominent in all aspects of her life; personally, with friends and at school. She also became intrigued by the extremely high recidivism rate of otherwise successful professionals. What was lacking?

Louise began consulting with Professionals in the field on a school project and quickly they realized that they made a complimentary team sharing similar values and combining their business and clinical skills. Together they realized the need to address the chronic relapse patterns of otherwise professionally successful individuals, many of whom had undergone primary treatment programs (rehab) many times.

Drawing from her personal experiences of the impact of consistent prolonged intense individual therapy together with consulting with Professionals in the field, an industry expert on trauma related substance abuse, Reflections was born. Louise searched for and quickly found the perfect retreat like facility in Northern Marin, a luxury Mediterranean villa with many outstanding features.

” I feel like all my life experiences and passions for Organizational Process, Entrepreneurial ism, Real Estate have come together to optimize the chances of success for those in recovery by tailoring a program to their unique needs based on their individual circumstances” ~ Louise McCallion

Louise McCallion