Our executive chef and fitness center are an integral part of your comfort and recovery during your stay at Reflections.

nutrition - gourmet plating


Our Certified Executive Chef prepares individually plated meals using only organic ingredients and catered to the clients individual taste. You will experience world class cuisine with a variety of vitamin dense colorful vegetables and fruits, a palate of mixed whole grains, and use less animal protein in the daily menus. We support sustainable, local organic farms and respect all religious health concerns and dietary needs for each one of our clients.



Exercise during recovery can be an effective part of addiction treatment. Addiction changes the body’s chemistry and once substances are removed many patients may feel anxious, depressed, and sensitive to life’s stresses. By exercising during recovery, healthy endorphins are reintroduced back into their body.

Our fitness center is available from 6a-10p 7 days per week, and there is an option of bringing in personal trainers as well.

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