We are one of the nation's leading Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurring disorder Residential Substance Dependence Treatment Program. Our highly regarded Ph.D. clinical professionals have developed individualized 30-90+ day programming for individuals who want or need to do the deeper and more intensive psychological work.

Our doctoral and master level Primary Therapists (licensed clinical psychologists) specialize in working therapeutically with individuals that are suffering from trauma, unresolved grief and loss, emotional dysregulation, guilt and shame, substance use disorders, and relapse prevention.

We provide clinical excellence in the intensive treatment of drug & alcohol addiction & dependance in an exclusive, high-end environment conducive to achieving and sustaining long-term sobriety.

Real World Treatment

We believe that dual diagnosis and addiction treatment is only truly effective when completed in the context of your whole life—work, family, and everything else. We encourage maintaining healthy relationships, and help to navigate challenging ones, during the course of treatment.

The world continues moving, so it’s important to remain connected to supporters and careers, as is appropriately determined by our treatment team. An integrated family program and ongoing family therapy by our dedicated family therapist and treatment team is a highly significant and unique part of our treatment plans. Read more about our unique approach to treatment.

Our Locations

Our four locations are situated among the beautiful rolling hills of Marin County in Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area. Check out more details about each location.

Residential Treatment guests at our destination villa enjoy first class accommodations in private rooms, chef prepared individually-plated meals, and a multitude of amenities. Guests at our other three facilities also enjoy private accommodations and varying levels of treatment, support, and amenities.

We recognize that each individual has a unique set of circumstances and a unique set of goals. Each of our programs is designed to accommodate customized treatment plans for each individual client in accordance to their needs and desires. 

We provide our clients with the independence, flexibility, comfort, and support they need to successfully pursue recovery while maintaining their lives. Some of the amenities at our facilities include: Individual Workstations, Certified Executive Chef, Pool, Game Room, Fitness Center, Massages, and Holistic Healthcare.

A comfortable, peaceful, and healing environment is fundamental to working toward recovery from substance abuse.

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