Clinical Rehab Treatment Programs

Upon contacting us, you can expect a personal invitation to tour our facilities and a private and confidential meeting with members of our treatment team.

Our Clinical Rehab Treatment Programs Include:

  • History and physical by a health care practitioner
  • Comprehensive initial biopsychosocial assessment
  • Doctoral, Masters, and Certified treatment providers as your primary treatment team
  • A robust number of individual sessions each week. (6-8 individual sessions at our residential facility)
  • A focus on a Strengths Perspective, which places emphasis on bolstering client self-efficacy and mobilizing one's own strengths and social support systems in promoting rehabilitation
  • A holistic treatment approach including therapeutic, experiential, recreational, and nutritional components.
  • A monthly family program with additional family therapy sessions occurring throughout the course of treatment
  • Significant emphasis on creating a reliable and measurable Continuing Care Plan
  • Comprehensive Discharge and Relapse Prevention Planning
  • Didactic Groups that are educational and cover topics such as anger management, cross addiction, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills, and relationships in recovery, etc.
  • Outstanding Staff-to-Client ratio which provides outlets for significant weekly direct contact with clinical, counseling, and medical staff

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help our patients heal not only physically, but also mentally, and spiritually, so that when they leave our facility they are able to live a full, healthy life, without relapse.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Through our world-class Dual Diagnosis treatment center in California, we are able to address the underlying causes contributing to addiction behavior. Dual diagnosis is the combination of a substance abuse/dependence disorder and a mental health diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, etc.

Integrating The Outside World

We believe that addiction treatment is only truly effective when completed in the context of your whole life—work, family and everything else. We don’t restrict access to the outside world through phones or computers. Patients are welcome to continue their careers during their stay. Integrated Family sessions are an important part of our treatment plans.

Family Program

Our family program occurs each month to invite families to become educated on addiction, mental health issues, family dynamics and boundaries, codependency, and how to best support their loved one while also maintaining care for themselves through the healing process. You can read more about how we incorporate families into the recovery process here.

A comfortable, peaceful, and healing environment is fundamental to working toward recovery from substance abuse.

We are honored that Reflections continues to hold the highest regarded reputation in the national rehab field. Our commitment to successful treatment has always been the focal point of our clinical influence. Our unique treatment approach is changing the lives of patients seeking successful recovery in addiction.

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