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At Reflections, we recognize that each individual has a unique set of circumstances and a unique set of goals. We accommodate a maximum of six clients at any one time in order to design and execute customized treatment plans for each individual client in accordance to their needs and desires.

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World-Class Luxury Rehab

A comfortable, peaceful and healing environment is fundamental to working toward recovery from substance abuse. Reflections is a destination villa in a beautiful serene setting where each client can enjoy first class accommodations in private or semi private rooms, International cuisine and a multitude of amenities.

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About Reflections

Located among the beautiful rolling hills of Marin County California, Reflections offers a unique, whole-person approach to recovery from co-occurring disorders. Working with a limited number of exclusive clients at a time, our custom, individual treatment plans combine decades of evidence based treatment with five-star amenities in a luxury setting.

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We offer a range of care and support for every stage of addiction and mental health recovery.

Our programs are highly effective due to evidence based, dual-diagnosis treatment methods from our impressive team of licensed clinicians and health care practitioners. Our renowned team of experts boast decades of experience in the field of addiction treatment combined with Trauma, Bipolar, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Unresolved Grief and Loss.

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Drug & Alcohol Detox

Medication-assisted detox in a safe, serene, fully licensed, detox facility.

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Residential Treatment

An upscale therapeutic environment with first-class accommodations.

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Extended Care

A structured, supportive living environment that continues treatment alongside daily life.

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Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

A blend of intensive treatment with aftercare reintegration for the activities of daily life.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Customizable day-support for developing and creating a new, full life in recovery.

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Alumni Support

A social support model with a variety of activities, and support for ongoing recovery.

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Our Approach

Our philosophy is to help our patients heal not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We believe that dual-diagnosis and addiction treatment is only truly effective when completed in the context of your whole life—work, family, and everything else. We encourage maintaining healthy relationships, and help to navigate challenging ones, during the course of treatment. The world continues moving, so it’s important to remain connected to supporters and careers, as is appropriately determined by our treatment team. An integrated family program and ongoing family therapy by our dedicated family therapist and treatment team is a highly significant and unique part of our treatment plans.

Specialized Therapies

Specialized therapies may include nutritional counseling, meditation, art therapy, couples and family therapy, yoga, mind-body awareness, energy therapy, massage therapy, music therapy and equine therapy.

Holistic Therapies

By providing a combination of traditional and modern treatment therapies, we're exponentially increasing the chances of maintaining and sustaining recovery, providing the tools to live a healthy and fulfilling life on all levels.

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Our executive culinary team curates world class cuisine with a variety of vitamin-dense, colorful vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. We respect all religious health concerns and dietary needs for each one of our clients.

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Specialized Tracks

Our privately owned facility is able to accommodate unique circumstances and needs.

Business Executives

Our boutique treatment center is tailored for professionals who seek an oasis for recovery. Treatment plans often include time for communication with business and family, while also working intensely on personal recovery goals.

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Private & Celebrity VIP Individuals

It’s only fitting that your rehab facility should be as luxurious as your private residence. Our exclusive, 6-resident facility is appropriate for those who seek the ultimate in treatment, privacy, and luxurious comfort.

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We provide therapeutic programming and treatment that is both gay-sensitive and gay-affirming. We are pleased to count ourselves among the few facilities with LGTBQ affirming programming.

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Facilities and Amenities

Our programs are situated in upscale private and gated neighborhoods of Marin County. Our clients enjoy private bedrooms, beautiful landscaping, sauna/pool, on-site gym, with an unusually high staff to client ratio to provide the highest quality care available.


Each of our four facilities boasts first class accommodations, private rooms, and a multitude of amenities.


At each of our facilities, clients can expect high degrees of privacy and comfort as they work toward a healthier life.


Each program is focused on independence, flexibility, and comfort, with a selection of amenities to support these goals.

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World-Class Ph.D. Clinical Experts

Reflections provide the finest doctoral experts and licensed professionals in the rehab clinical field to administer the highest Ph.D. clinical care for the successful treatment of addiction and dependence.

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Dual Diagnosis Therapy

Dual diagnosis (also called co-occurring disorders, COD) is the condition of suffering from a mental illness and a comorbid substance abuse problem. There is considerable debate surrounding the appropriateness of using a single category for a heterogeneous group of individuals with complex needs and a varied range of problems. The concept can be used broadly, for example depression and alcoholism, or it can be restricted to specify severe mental illness (e.g. psychosis, schizophrenia) and substance misuse disorder (e.g. cannabis abuse), or a person who has a milder mental illness and a drug dependency, such as panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder and is dependent on opioids. Diagnosing a primary psychiatric illness in substance abusers is challenging as drug abuse itself often induces psychiatric symptoms, thus making it necessary to differentiate between substance induced and pre-existing mental illness.

Due to abuse of medications for diagnosed mental health problems in combination with substance abuse, many clients believe their medication is not effective. Clients will often find (after a period of sobriety), that it is the opposite; either clients were initially misdiagnosed or their substance abuse disorder has rendered their medications ineffective. When clients enter Reflections Treatment Program with dual diagnosis concerns, the medical team first provides a medically-managed withdrawal process to safely remove the substances being abused. Clients will be evaluated extensively by a psychiatrist to see what medications in combination with clinical treatment will be most appropriate to stabilize clients and help build a foundation that will prove most beneficial for the clients individual treatment plan. As part of the dual diagnosis recovery program, each client is assigned to a Primary Therapist (doctoral level therapist) and will receive a minimum of six individual therapy sessions per week; which includes 1:1 drug and alcohol counseling. This allows the clinical team to closely monitor each client’s progress on the substance abuse and mental health spectrums. Though clients afflicted with dual diagnosis can have a more challenging time in treatment, the clinical, medical, and counseling staff at Reflections are well equipped to address these significant needs.

Definition of Addiction Types

At Reflections, we recognize that each individual has a unique set of circumstances within various addictions We design and execute customized treatment plans for each individual client in accordance to their addictions.

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With a team of clinicians renowned for their decades of experience in the field of addiction combined with Trauma, Bipolar, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Unresolved Grief and Loss, Reflections has become known as the leader of dual diagnosis.

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