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Dr. Tim Worden, Ph.D.

Reflections – Clinical Director

Dr. Worden has been working as a neurologically-oriented psychologist over the past 25 years. He has been at the forefront of the treatment of addiction, with his nationally recognized workshops, including the Neurophysiology of Addictions & The Six Tasks of Effective Recovery. Additionally, from a brain based perspective, he has developed a unique Cognitive-Experiential psychotherapeutic approach which integrates emotional-motivational factors into the traditional insight and cognitively-oriented psychotherapies. Dr. Worden has utilized this psychotherapeutic approach to rapidly address deep underlying emotional issues common with addictions, particularly guilt & shame, unresolved loss, anxiety from trauma, and relationship issues.

 Dr. Worden also has an expertise in combining his psychotherapy with specific stress management and emotional regulation strategies. This has assisted Dr. Worden in his work with other populations including Eating Disorders, Pain Management, and Health & Behavioral Change issues. Dr. Worden has presented workshops throughout the country and abroad, and has co-authored several articles on anger, anxiety and health. He has developed and copyrighted the Life Satisfaction Questionnaire © and the Life Plan© which are geared towards creating a deep sense of life satisfaction. He has two forthcoming books, including The Neuropshysiology of Addiction, (which contains a unique motivation-based relapse prevention plan) and Brain-Based Self-Acceptance Strategies for Addressing Trauma, Guilt and Shame.

Dr. Worden received his doctorate from the University of South Florida and his undergraduate Degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara. His first position following his internship was in a long-term residential substance abuse program at the Palo Alto VA called Satori. He followed this up with working in an outpatient county substance abuse program in Albany Oregon. He has also worked several residential facilities including Milestones Ranch Malibu, and as the Clinical Director of New Seasons Recovery in Ventura CA, and as the Clinical Director at Summit Malibu. He then became the Executive Director of a new 75 bed Eating Disorder and Addictions program in South Florida called Futures of Palm Beach, where Dr. Worden created the program from the ground-up, and including detox, residential, PHP, IOP, and Outpatient programs, serving both the eating disordered and addicted populations.

Dr. Worden also has an expertise in neuropsychology, working as the Clinical Director of an outpatient neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation center called the ESTEEM program in Winter Haven Florida, and as a hospital staff psychologist working primarily in the inpatient rehabilitation program at Winter Haven Hospital. Dr. Worden also has an expertise in Health Psychology, working as a staff psychologist at the Oregon Health & Rehabilitation in Eugene Oregon, and at the Shands Hospital Pain & Anesthesiology Clinic in Gainesville Florida. Most recently he has been a staff health psychologist working in the Family Health Clinic at Travis Air Force Base.

Dr. Tim Worden