Rehab for Executives

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Rehab for Executives

Reflections Rehab Facility

Reflections is the nations highest regarded Executive Rehab program and facility. Many of our patients have spent their lives developing their careers, putting in the hours and climbing the corporate ladder to increase their success. They’ve worked incredibly hard, often enduring an inconceivable amount of stress in their pursuit of professional advancement.

We recognize that executives are indispensable assets to their organizations and that they need to keep their finger on the pulse of daily operations. They’re often responsible for the livelihood of their staff and need to maintain a grasp of what is going on in their company. Our executive treatment programs allow patients to work during their recovery via laptop or tablet any time they are not engaged in programming. This helps them to stay focused on their recovery, while staying a relevant and instrumental part of their organization.

Our Executive Rehab program focuses on exercise, nutrition, nature time, and stress management. We have available a personal culinary a chef to prepare a healthy, varied menu from fresh, organic ingredients any time of the day or night. These elements combine to improve the client’s sense of well-being and physical health. Each Executive has a unique set of issues and needs. Reflections specializing in drug recovery for Executive that is highly customized, rather than a single program for all patients.

Reflections Executive Rehab programs are designed to enable executives or other people with high-powered jobs to keep up with their active work and family lives while being treated for addictions to drugs, alcohol, or certain behaviors. Our Executive Rehab programs provide the person who is being treated with freedom to keep working, and even see clients and travel if needed. As a result, the individual can maintain work duties and relationships while in treatment.

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Rehab for Executives