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Leading Ph.D Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

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About Us

Reflections Rehab Facility

Reflections has established highest regarded national reputation the rehab field specializing in Dual Diagnosis and Relapse Prevention due to our innovative leading edge and highly focused individualized treatment approach designed around the clients unique needs and goals.

  • Nations Leading Ph.D. Clinical Treatment Programs
  • Nations Finest Luxury Rehab Facility
  • Nations Most Prestigious Executive Rehab Facility
  • Five-Star Culinary & Nutritional Services
  • Luxurious Rehab Amenities & Environment
  • Nations Highest Respected Ph.D. Clinical Dual Diagnosis Program

With an impressive team of extraordinary Ph.D.’s and licensed clinicians renowned for their decades of experience in the field of addiction combined with Trauma, Bipolar, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Unresolved Grief and Loss, Reflections provides the nations most successful clinical treatments then other rehabs offering the typical 28 day 12 step generic approach. 


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Why Choose Reflections

Reflections Rehab Facility

Reflections is nationally recognized as the very best clinical Ph.D. Rehab Facility. Reflections provides an upscale therapeutic intimate environment with first class accommodations in which our clients can expect to receive unparalleled professional help to uncover, address and heal from the underlying causes of their self destructive behavior of continued substance use.

Our Executive Rehab At Reflections, we recognize that each individual has a unique set of circumstances and a unique set of goals. We accommodate a maximum of six clients at any one time in order to design and execute customized treatment plans for each individual client in accordance to their needs and desires.

What To Expect

Reflections Rehab Facility

Reflections Rehab Facility is located in Marin County, North of San Francisco in the Bay Area. The magnificent Mediterranean style gated estate is situated on approximately two acres of grounds with an onsite pool, spa and well equipped gym. Reflections accepts only six clients at any one time and with an unusually high staff to client ratio, supports our model of providing individualized intensive psychotherapy in the treatment of Dual Diagnosis and Relapse Prevention.

Our Certified Executive Chef prepares individually plated meals using only organic ingredients and catered to the clients individual taste.Our four private bedrooms with private bathrooms and one semi private bedroom are beautifully situated and all have wifi access for the use of laptops, ipads, tablets etc. The tone at Reflections is one of empowerment, compassion and healing. Clients can expect high degrees of privacy and anonymity and continue to stay in touch with those healthy aspects of their lives such as careers, families, school with the use of laptops and cellphones welcomed at the facility.

What Makes Us Unique

Reflections Rehab Facility

Reflections provides the nations leading Dual Diagnosis and Co-Ocuring disorder Residential Substance Dependence Treatment Program. Our highly regarded Ph.D. clinical professionals have developed our individualized 30-90+ day programming for individuals who want or need to do the deeper and more intensive psychological work.

Our doctoral level Primary Therapists' (licensed clinical psychologist's) specialize in working therapeutically with individuals that are suffering from trauma, unresolved grief and loss, emotional dysregulation, guilt and shame, substance use disorders and relapse prevention.


Reflections Rehab Programs

Patient Testimonials

Reflections Rehab Facility

We are very honored and proud that Reflections continues to hold the highest regarded reputation in the national rehab field, as our commitment to a successful treatment has always been the focal point of our clinical influence.  Reflections Ph.D. clinical treatment approach is changing the lives in those patients seeking the successful recovery in addiction.  


Our Patient Testimonials

"After spending two months here I only have amazing experiences, healing, hope, gratitude, love, and a new beginning to take with me. The way you allow each person to have such an individual and healthy recovery is astonishing to me. I'm sure I can't truly know all the sacrifices you have made to make this possible. I've been given time here to heal, learn, and be prepared to live the next journey of my life. I'm thankful for our meetings Dr. Hanna. I will take with me when you told me that you were proud of me. Also, when you said you like me as a person. I'll be practicing clear boundaries with others."

"Take care and I'm so glad you two are a team."