Salvia Divinorum is a leafy herb that is usually smoked to produce manic and hallucinogenic effects. When smoked, it has almost immediate effects. The user stops relating to the environment and usually begins to laugh uncontrollably. He or she may stumble around or fall down to the ground. The high is quite brief, peaking in five to ten minutes although the effects may continue to wane for another half hour.one of the problems with this drug is that there is very little conclusive information on its actions, short-range effects and long-range dangers. Any of the usual sources of information on addictiveness and dangers come up short when it comes to salvia.

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For some people, an uncomfortable emotional state characterized by depression and anxiety. Many people never use salvia a second time because they found the symptoms of the first use so unpleasant. The high from salvia abuse is very brief, so parents may have a hard time detecting signs or symptoms of use in their children. They may have to note more far-reaching symptoms of changes going on in their children.

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