Luxury Individualized Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Individualized treatment for those seeking customized Dual Diagnosis treatment in private luxurious setting

About Reflections

Located among the beautiful rolling hills of Marin County in Northern California, Reflections offers a customized, dual diagnosis and holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. Working with an intimate group of exclusive clients, our individualized multi faceted treatment plans include intensive individual, group, family, relapse prevention and adjunctive therapies delivered by credentialed clinicians in a luxury environment with five-star amenities. Our services are offering to the surrounding areas of Northern California including: San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Napa County, and Marin County.


Reflections is a California rehab offering the full spectrum of substance abuse treatment including: medication assisted detox; inpatient dual diagnosis treatment, extended care and intensive outpatient.

Our evidence-based dual diagnosis treatment programs are provided by our impressive team of Ph.D. doctorate licensed clinical psychologists and healthcare practitioners, licensed therapists and certified drug and alcohol counselors who, as a treatment team, provide you with a customized treatment program addressing the underlying causes including past trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, untreated bipolar, and unresolved grief and loss.


Drug & Alcohol Detox

Our Bay Area Detox offers medication-assisted detox in a safe, serene, fully licensed, detox facility.


Residential Treatment

Our Bay Area Rehab offers an upscale therapeutic environment with first-class accommodations to fight substance abuse.


Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

A blend of intensive treatment with aftercare reintegration for the activities of daily life.


Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Customizable day-support for developing and creating a new, full life in recovery.


Alumni Support

A social support model with a variety of activities, and support for ongoing recovery.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to help our patients heal not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We believe that dual diagnosis and addiction treatment is only truly effective when completed in the context of your whole life—work, family, and everything else. We encourage maintaining healthy relationships, and help to navigate challenging ones, during the course of treatment. The world continues moving, so it’s important to remain connected to supporters and careers, as is appropriately determined by our treatment team. An integrated family program and ongoing family therapy by our dedicated family therapist and treatment team is a highly significant and unique part of our treatment plans.

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Specialized Therapies

Specialized therapies may include nutritional counseling, meditation, art therapy, couples and family therapy, yoga, mind-body awareness, energy therapy, massage therapy, music therapy and equine therapy.

Holistic Therapies

By providing a combination of traditional and modern treatment therapies, we’re exponentially increasing the chances of maintaining and sustaining recovery, providing the tools to live a healthy and fulfilling life on all levels.


Our executive culinary team curates world class cuisine with a variety of vitamin-dense, colorful vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. We respect all religious health concerns and dietary needs for each one of our clients.

Specialized tracks

Our privately owned facility is able to accommodate unique circumstances and needs.

Business Executives

Reflections welcomes business professionals who are required to continue to work while in treatment. Electronics including laptops, cell phones are welcome as is scheduled work time.

Private & Celebrity VIP Individuals

It’s only fitting that your rehab facility should be as luxurious as your private residence. Our exclusive, 6-resident facility is appropriate for those who seek the ultimate in treatment, privacy, and luxurious comfort.


We provide therapeutic programming and treatment that is both gay-sensitive and gay-affirming. We are pleased to count ourselves among the few facilities with LGTBQ affirming programming.

Facilities and amenities

Our programs are situated in upscale private and gated neighborhoods of Marin County. Our clients enjoy private bedrooms, beautiful landscaping, sauna/pool, on-site gym, with an unusually high staff to client ratio to provide the highest quality care available.



Each of our four facilities boasts first class accommodations, private rooms, and a multitude of amenities.



At each of our facilities, clients can expect high degrees of privacy and comfort as they work toward a healthier life.

luxury amenities


Each program is focused on independence, flexibility, and comfort, with a selection of amenities to support these goals.

Patient Testimonials

“Reflections is unlike any place I have ever been. I have been to other treatment centers, but nothing compares to the quality of the staff here. I walked through the doors broken, scared, and felt all alone. The therapist and counselors helped me dig deep and uncover core issues that had never been dealt with. I was able to start the healing process. I regained my self-confidence, drive, and life. As I start my new journey, I will remember all my tools I learned at Reflections. Remain open-minded, honest, set boundaries, go to meetings, work the 12-steps, call my sponsor, and be of service. Thank you again for helping me get my life back.”

B. A.

“Reflections turned out to be the perfect storm of environmental conditions, world class therapy, and individualized custom approaches that facilitated the personal transformation I so needed. As I immersed myself in the program, I could not help but believe I was part of a totally unique treatment model that stands alone in its field.

Every element of Reflections has been tailored to generate positive change. I came to treatment to get sober, and my expectations were eclipsed as I walked away feeling empowered and genuinely inspired. Reflections is the most innovative program that I have encountered, and I am honored to have had the privilege to benefit from their passionate team of experts.”

M. C.

“I am extremely grateful for my experience at Reflections. I chose Reflections because I had been to a fine rehab before, but I needed a place not to just get sober but to have a psychic change. I found that at Reflections. Reflections let me keep my dignity while healing. Because they only have six people at a time I received a lot of personal attention from the very qualified staff, and the group experience was invaluable. All the staff is exceptional from the clinical staff to the housekeeper. They are all so compassionate and accommodating. I felt they all genuinely were invested in my well being and sobriety, and continue so upon my reentry into my real world with all it’s triggers. The accommodations are akin to a five star resort. I can not say enough about the chef Brenda. She is awesome and cooks with love. I also especially enjoyed Adventure Bob” who took us on outings in beautiful Marin County.

It was a truly healing experience for me.”

A. B.

“As someone who has experienced several treatment facilities, Reflections is unique in many ways. While the private room, food, and attentive and caring staff provide for a special experiences, it is the power of a small group of individuals with a common goal who are willing to share their hopes and fears that I will most memorable. Coming to Reflections is of course about sobriety, but it is also learning how to find one’s place in the world and facing the challenges that hold us back in this endeavor…A unique and rewarding experience. Thanks for everything.”

A. H.

“My time at Reflections was a bittersweet experience. Bitter in that of course I was going through one of the worse times of my life and sweet in that I ended up having one of the most positively wonderful experiences of my life as well. I never thought I would miss a residential program but I do. Reflections was my first and I’m very hopeful my last. They truly want to see you succeed and will do everything in their power to help you and that is the truth. As well as their amazing staff the house is beautiful and with a small occupancy they are better equipped to meet your needs from special workouts, massages, shopping really just about anything.”

T. V.

“I am eternally grateful for Reflections, and incredibly lucky to have found it. There are many reasons, but the biggest one is this: everyone here = the staff and my fellow clients – have helped me find a sense of self-worth that I’ve never really had, even prior to my use. I leave here holding my head high thanks to all of you. When I first called to inquire, and Will chatted with me for quite a while, I knew I’d found the right place to get healthy.”

G. P.

“I can’t even begin to put into work the gratitude that I have for Reflections…the doctors and the staff alike. I came here a very broken and hurting person. Very afraid of life, afraid to succeed, afraid even to be a sober person. I can say with confidence today that I have laid that fear to rest. I’d like to express a special thanks to Dr. Moreland, Dr. Hanna, Ole-Jan, Dolores and my good friend Tencia. You guys, in your own ways in rebuilding me from the ground up. You’ve given me a happiness I’ve never had… and you’ve truly saved my life. God Bless you all here at Reflections.

I appreciate you.”


“Where to begin? I came here not knowing I was an addict. All I knew was I was miserable and my life had become unmanageable, narrow, constricted, and painful. Reflections has given me life – a life I never knew possible. The care, grace and compassion I have experienced are unlike any gifts I’ve ever known. I am learning to trust – learning to accept and be accepted. I now know what true family feels like. Like a bridge over troubled water.

With love, light and new-found gratitude.”

G. B.

“I came to Reflections feeling like I was stepping off a cliff and counting on people I’d never met to catch me. I was thinking of the staff at the time. Little did I know that my fellow residents would play such a large role in my experience here. That being said, I am tremendously grateful to the staff here at Reflections, from the house-keeper to Dr. Hanna and Louise. Everyone has treated me with respect and dignity. I cam here to save my life. I had no idea that this experience would enrich my life as well. Thank you all again.”

H. H.

“High-end Facility – High-end Staff – High-end Counseling. I came in a lost soul and left with an inner peace and good understanding of myself and my disease. The time spent here was rewarding. Individual sessions and group processing were invaluable. Thank you and I will keep you in my thoughts for my next 30 years.”

T. P.

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