Reflections Rehab Facility

We are very honored and proud that Reflections continues to hold the highest regarded reputation in the national rehab field, as our commitment to a successful treatment has always been the focal point of our clinical influence. Reflections Ph.D. clinical treatment approach is changing the lives in those patients seeking the successful recovery in addiction.

“Wow! Whew! Really?!! To my dearest Reflections family I do not know how you knew I could learn, feel, love, hope all that which I was convinced was more than out of reach, all of that which I would have deemed imagined. I do not know how to say ‘thank you’ for hope, for life, for another chance, (genuine and precious) for gratitude, from humility, for a mirror that shows me that I am worthwhile. I am saying thank you anyway. For all of this and something so much bigger, who knew it could fit at a treatment center? For friends and a family that have helped change the path of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I found things here that I didn’t know I was living for.”

C. W.

“I can’t even begin to put into work the gratitude that I have for Reflections…the doctors and the staff alike. I came here a very broken and hurting person. Very afraid of life, afraid to succeed, afraid even to be a sober person. I can say with confidence today that I have laid that fear to rest. I’d like to express a special thanks to Dr. Moreland, Dr. Hanna, Ole-Jan, Dolores and my good friend Tencia. You guys, in your own ways in rebuilding me from the ground up. You’ve given me a happiness I’ve never had… and you’ve truly saved my life. God Bless you all here at Reflections.

I appreciate you.”


“For me, leaving Reflections was much like leaving home for the first time to live on my own. I had learned all of the skills necessary to take care of myself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I learned how to handle difficult situations, stay healthy, and the things that kept me happy. I was ready, yet when it came time for me to leave, I wished I hadn’t grown up so fast.

Reflections, all of the unbelievably caring, supportive, and devoted staff, has held me and cared for me through the entire journey of the past three months. I arrived, walked in, well actually I fell flat on my face up the front steps. I was a ghost, a hollow shell of a person. I was utterly defeated, full of grief, guilt, fear, shame, loss, anxiety, and boy was I sick. I have made friends I know I will have for life, people I will never forget. I’ve learned how to believe in my god again.

I’ve learned the tools to be, and stay sober, healthy, and continue to grow and learn. I’ve learned I am not alone, that countless others are out there who understand me, and all that I have been trhough, and that the very people are helping one another to help themselves. But most of all that they have rebuilt their lives, on step at a time, and they are happy, healthy, thriving people. I learned I can once again learn to love and respect myself, and that I am worth saving. I am leaving a happy, healthy, sober, and eternally grateful person. Reflections will always hold a very special place in my heart.”

J. B.

“I can’t imagine going to treatment anywhere else but here. The staff were great and it made a big difference that we are encouraged to do certain things rather than told to do them. I made friends here; I laughed here; and I had truly happy moments for the first time in a long time. The professionalism of the staff was apparent each and every day and I’m so happy that I got to work with these counselors and therapists. I leave here with new hope for the future. I take with me good memories and new skills and tools as I face new experiences ahead. Thank you for everything!”

M. M.

“The accommodations and the size of the staff, plus the small number of residents, makes for a more personalized experience here. I found that it made the perfect setting to work on my particular issues. The interaction between residents as well as the staff-to-resident interaction provided for a learning experience far beyond anything I expected. Thank you and continue helping people.”

B. W.

“Sadness, lost, self-loathing, addiction, trauma. These were but a few of the pieces of luggage I brought with me when I walked through the doors of Reflections, and these are the pieces of luggage I chose to leave behind. All I can do is thank you, thank you, thank you. Perfect healing environment, a family of 6 of us (residents), loving compassionate staff, and amazing meals form the chefs.

Thank you Reflections, for giving me back my life.”

L. M.

“Where to begin? I came here not knowing I was an addict. All I knew was I was miserable and my life had become unmanageable, narrow, constricted, and painful. Reflections has given me life – a life I never knew possible. The care, grace and compassion I have experienced are unlike any gifts I’ve ever known. I am learning to trust – learning to accept and be accepted. I now know what true family feels like. Like a bridge over troubled water.

With love, light and new-found gratitude.”

G. B.

“Considering an in-patient treatment center was a last resort for me. After trying for 2 years to manage my excessive drinking with fits and starts of abstinence, and investing in two 10-day medical treatments, I felt defeated and desperate. I had also been taking Ambien for insomnia for a decade and wanted to eliminate that at the same time. As an executive for a software company I could not afford to take 30 or 60 days off work without putting my job at risk and felt cornered, knowing that my situation was not going to get better, only worse with time.

My wife and I researched 36 recovery centers in the US and narrowed down the list to 5 to interview as serious prospects. From the moment we first inquired, the Reflections team stood out as exceptionally experienced, honest and committed. What really struck us was everyone we spoke with seemed to take my recovery very personally and Dr. Hanna even provided my wife his mobile number instructing her to call him directly with any questions. After arriving and entering treatment, it became even more apparent how committed the entire staff is. Every person on the team was steeped in practical recovery knowledge and with personal experience. I do mean everyone, including the night shift and the head chef (Alika); everyone.

My experience at Reflections was truly life changing. They accommodated my need to work 20-30 hours per week (which is almost unheard of) and the quality of the program was really amazing, from Dr. Moreland to exceptional therapist Tiffany, and counselors such as Issac, Greg, Will and Ole-Jan. Within the first week, I was absolutely certain that we had made the right choice and the right investment. The ratio of staff to clients is also remarkable and having 6 people in groups is a huge advantage over programs that try to do the same process with groups of 20. Another unexpected point of excellence is the type of clients Reflections attracts. I am forever grateful to the people in the program with me who dug deep and provided tremendous insight and support.

If you’re considering this type of program, my advice is do it right now. Reflections can turn your situation around 180 degrees. Get your life back. Your loved ones will be forever grateful to have the *real* you back in their lives.”

D. D.

“I came to Reflections feeling like I was stepping off a cliff and counting on people I’d never met to catch me. I was thinking of the staff at the time. Little did I know that my fellow residents would play such a large role in my experience here. That being said, I am tremendously grateful to the staff here at Reflections, from the house-keeper to Dr. Hanna and Louise. Everyone has treated me with respect and dignity. I cam here to save my life. I had no idea that this experience would enrich my life as well. Thank you all again.”

H. H.

“The river was too wide, and the current was too strong – I wouldn’t have made it across safely without all the love and support I received from the moment I crossed the threshold. Thank you to the most amazing staff and to my fellow participants – ‘Team Reflections’ – I’ll be forever indebted to one and all for your deep compassion and kindness. Love is the answer.”

S. M.

“High-end Facility – High-end Staff – High-end Counseling. I came in a lost soul and left with an inner peace and good understanding of myself and my disease. The time spent here was rewarding. Individual sessions and group processing were invaluable. Thank you and I will keep you in my thoughts for my next 30 years.”

T. P.

“To my new extended family including staff and clients. I woke up this morning expecting to be excited to go home to my family and friends. But mixed with that feeling was sadness. Sadness because I will miss all of you very very much. You’ve brought out my inner-self and helped me rediscover my strength and my voice, all without judgment. For anyone reading this, if you are scared or reluctant as I was, just let go and go for it. I promise you, this is as afe place filled with amazing people.

With fondness and love to my friends at Reflections.”

J. L.

“Thanks to all (staff and clients) for your kind treatment and understanding — and the opportunity to feel the liberation of ‘opening up.’ The beauty of this house and its people was my pleasure to experience. Best of luck to all past, and present, and future inhabitants.

Get Serene, Now.”

K. O.

“The time I spent at Reflections seemed to fly by. The staff and friends I made during my stay are people that I will never forget and carry the memories of for the rest of my life. I have been surrounded by some of the most compassionate people I have ever met and am ready to go face any challenge that may arise. Thank you!”

E. S.

“Thanks to the staff, my experience at Reflections has been one of a kind. I appreciate all the kind words and wonderful advice I received.”

N. C.

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