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Addiction Treatment in San Jose

Reflections is a rehab in San Jose dedicated to helping clients overcome their substance abuse disorder and fight back against addiction. At our California rehab, we utilize numerous evidence-based treatment methods as well as holistic choices to ensure that clients will have a full spectrum of care options available to them during their stay with our addiction experts.

Our Rehab Centers Near San Jose, California

If you are interested in our San Jose detox & rehab facilities, contact our team to schedule a private tour today. In the meantime, check out our virtual tour and get an idea of what to expect.

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Detox Near San Jose

Going through a drug and alcohol detox in a medically managed environment will not only keep you safe, but allow you to begin the treatment process as well.

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Rehab Near San Jose

Our inpatient rehab gives clients the chance to learn about addiction and sobriety from our Ph.D-led team in a luxury, private rehab program.

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San Jose Area IOP

Our IOP programs allow clients to continue their sober journey even after discharging from an inpatient program.

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Sober Living Near San Jose

Our sober living communities provide clients with a great opportunity to connect with others in similar situations and build a sober support network.

Paying for San Jose Rehab

Reflections works directly with your insurance to help make the treatment process as affordable as possible for all clients. Our admissions team will work with you to help you understand the benefits provided by your employer plan. We often work with:

San Jose Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Whether you’re looking for alcohol or drug rehab, San Jose, CA is an excellent area where you can first establish your sobriety. Due to the rise of the opioid epidemic, California has seen a steep rise in the number of annual drug overdose deaths, and our team works to be a part of this solution. Our services are offered throughout northern California in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Pleasanton, Napa County, and Marin County.

Drug Rehab: San Jose

Fentanyl is one of the biggest threats to drug users today. In fact, in just 2 years from 2018 to 2020, the number of fentanyl deaths in Santa Clara County more than quadrupled and U.S. data shows that the problem is only continuing to grow.

But, synthetic opioids and fentanyl are just a part of the problem, that doesn’t even factor in other prescription and illicit drugs like oxycodone, heroin, and cocaine all have serious addiction potential and can easily lead to overdoses and death.

At Reflections, we treat all types of drug addiction, both illicit and prescription, and we also work to ensure that clients get the complementary help they need as well including mental health treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and even holistic options.

Alcohol Rehab: San Jose

Along with illicit drugs, it is important to be aware of the impact a legal drug can have on your body, specifically alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most used substances across the country and one of the most deadly. Government data estimates that more than 140,000 people die from alcohol-related causes each year.

Due to its legality, many people abuse alcohol without even realizing it and some people even develop an addiction and don’t realize what is happening before it is too late. If you or someone you love is overusing alcohol and you think you need help, don’t hesitate. Alcohol abuse can quickly become deadly.

At Reflections, our San Jose alcohol rehab program provides clients with a medically monitored detox as they go through the dangerous withdrawal symptoms associated with early sobriety. From there, they will transition through the many levels of care as they work to fight back against alcoholism and develop sober living strategies and relapse prevention methods. Call now and learn how we can help with overcoming alcohol addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment: San Jose

If you or a loved one are looking into addiction treatment and substance abuse counseling, San Jose rehabs, like Reflections, are here to help. That said, you may not know what to expect during your time in treatment. Let’s walk through the levels of care and some key features of addiction treatment.

San Jose Addiction Treatment Levels of Care

The first step of addiction treatment is detox. Detox is vital to long-term recovery as it helps clients overcome the initial uneasiness that comes with early sobriety. During detox, clients are medically monitored as they go through the stages of withdrawal to ensure their vitals are safe and the withdrawal symptoms don’t become life-threatening.

After detox, clients will focus on learning about addiction and working to rewire the way their brain thinks of substances during inpatient rehab. While at a treatment center, like our San Jose drug rehab, clients will be exposed to numerous forms of individual and group counseling sessions, some of the most effective types of counseling include cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.

Inpatient treatment normally lasts around 30 days after which clients will be discharged and work there way down the final levels of care including:

During these levels of care, clients will continue to learn about their substance abuse and develop methods to fight back against addiction and learn preventative measures they can implement to help them avoid relapse and commit to long-term sobriety.

It is also important to note that following inpatient treatment, clients at Reflections will have access to our sober living homes while they continue to go through the treatment process. Sober living homes are a solution to a problem that many newly sober people face: relapse.

While relapses can still occur while in sober living, being around other people with similar goals and staying in a structured environment will make avoiding relapse that much easier.

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What to Expect at Our San Jose Rehab Facilities

Whether you are new to addiction treatment or have been to rehab before, it is important to understand what separates each treatment center so that when you’re looking for a rehab center in San Jose you make the best decision possible. Reflections is a premier luxury rehab in the Novato Valley. Our inpatient detox and rehab programs are in a gated estates that offer numerous luxury amenities and features including:

  • Private rooms
  • Pool and spa area
  • On-site fitness center and more

At Reflections, we do everything in our power to make our clients’ stay as comfortable as possible. We know that overcoming addiction is one of the most difficult things you can do so we work to take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Expert Addiction Treatment Staff in San Jose

When looking for an addiction treatment facility, it is vital to find a rehab that has the experience and expertise to ensure that you are getting the proper care you need.

At Reflections, we have a Ph.d-led clinical team with many of our clinicians with decades of experience working in the addiction industry. We understand addiction and our team works tirelessly to help every client in our care get the individual attention they need and deserve. Because we only help 6 clients at a time, we can ensure that each client is not left ignored and all of their individual needs are met during their time with our team.

Evidence-Based Care

Along with our team of addiction experts, the treatment we offer at Reflections is all evidence-based to ensure that clients have access to high-quality treatment. This includes both substance abuse and mental health treatment referred to as dual diagnosis as well as group and individual therapy programs to help clients better understand their situations.

Along with the many treatment options we offer, all of our clients will have individualized treatment plans created for them following an intake evaluation. These personal treatment programs take into account all aspects of a person’s addiction including family history, mental health, drugs of abuse, and more. From there, our team provides targeted addiction counseling, San Jose treatment programs like Reflections.

Specialized Treatment Programs for San Jose Residents

To ensure that treatment works for everyone, Reflections also offers specialized treatment tracks to help those who may feel as though they have limited treatment options. These tracks include:

We offer these to ensure that we can help all clients regardless of their specific situation. Whether you are looking for a private treatment program, need to do business while in rehab, or need a LGBT-friendly rehab program, we have all of these options available at Reflections. If you are looking for addiction counseling, San Jose treatment programs like Reflections can give you the help you need.

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