Rehab for LGBTQ Individuals

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Rehab for LGBTQ Individuals

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Gay and lesbian individuals who suffer from addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs, (and whom are seeking professional help) most often find themselves in predominantly heterosexual treatment centers. A recent survey of United States Substance Abuse Treatment Centers by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) found that privately run treatment facilities, particularly for-profit facilities, are twice as likely to offer individualized gay and lesbian programs as federal government-run facilities.

The number of facilities offering such specialized treatment is small (7% of privately run for-profit treatment programs and 2.6% of federal facilities). And fewer than 6% of state government-run programs and private nonprofit programs offer gay and lesbian specialized services. This means gay and lesbian individuals are most likely to receive treatment in groups surrounded by heterosexuals. Because of the homophobia present in the typical treatment group, few gays and lesbians will want to take the risk (allowing themselves to be vulnerable and authentic) of disclosing their sexual orientation when they feel like outsiders (hence not feeling safe) in such a group.

This is why substance abuse programming should make every effort to be more inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals. The various treatment programs across the country range from, what is termed: gay-avoidant to gay-tolerant to gay-sensitive to gay-affirming. Here at Reflections Recovery facility, we have multiple staff members that are gay and lesbian and we provide therapeutic programming and treatment that is both gay-sensitive and more importantly gay-affirming.


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Rehab for LGBTQ Individuals