What Makes Us Unique

Leading Ph.D Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

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What Makes Us Unique

Reflections Rehab Facility

Reflections provides the nations leading Dual Diagnosis and Co-Ocuring disorder Residential Substance Dependence Treatment Program. Our highly regarded Ph.D. clinical professionals have developed our individualized 30-90+ day programming for individuals who want or need to do the deeper and more intensive psychological work.

Our doctoral level Primary Therapists' (licensed clinical psychologist's) specialize in working therapeutically with individuals that are suffering from trauma, unresolved grief and loss, emotional dysregulation, guilt and shame, substance use disorders and relapse prevention.


Reflections Rehab Programs


Family & Friends

  • Reflections is a Unique Treatment Program that respects and dignifies your loved one dealing with this disease.
  • Our highly trained staff and consultants can help you convince your loved one to come into treatment
  • We work to remove the obstacles to entering treatment such as allowing cell phones, laptop’s, first class accommodations etc.
  • We offer an intensive two day Family Program. We specialize in Dual Diagnosis and Relapse Prevention.
  • We have flexibility in scheduling family visits and conduct many private family sessions where appropriate.

Highlights of Reflections Clinical Program

  • A team of highly credentialed and seasoned experts, to treat clients with high-acuity co-occurring disorders
  • Comprehensive initial Psychosocial Assessment with the Clinical Director
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Doctoral Level Primary Therapist to create your Individualized Treatment Plan
  • A minimum of six full individual clinical sessions per week
  • A minimum of two medical sessions per week
  • A focus on a Strengths Perspective, which places emphasis on bolstering client self-efficacy and mobilizing one’s own strengths and social support systems in promoting rehabilitation
  • Four Process Groups per week, as well as Art Therapy, Music Thearpy, and Equine Therapy
  • A monthly Family Program as well as Family Therapy sessions conducted throughout the course of treatment
  • Significant emphasis on creating a solid and measurable Continuing Care Plan
  • Comprehensive Discharge and Relapse Prevention Planning
  • Didactic Groups that are educational and cover topics such as anger management, cross addiction, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills, and relationships in recovery, etc.
  • Outstanding Staff-to-Client ratio which provides outlets for significant weekly direct-contact with clinical, counseling, and medical staff
  • Medication Management


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What Makes Us Unique